Free of charge hospital
for those who are in need
Holy Family Welfare Hospital

Holy Family Welfare Hospital is a free of charge hospital run by the Catholic order, the Little Servants of the Holy Family. Our hospital serves those who are suffering from illness and poverty. We do not receive government funds but run entirely on donations.
With our staff, volunteers, and benefactors, we seek to create miracles everyday for our brothers and sisters in need.

Conversion from regular hospital to welfare hospital

We surveyed the local community to start a hospital for those in need; we found that many of our neighbors lived in poverty and illness without medical care.

Nov. 1st 1989 Initiated research for conversion
May 30th 1990 Closure of regular hospital
July 23rd 1990 Commencement of free care

Founding mission

Holy Family Welfare Hospital is a medical welfare institution that serves the purpose of the Little Servants of the Holy Family. We provide medical care for those who are in poverty and in need; through this we become one family under the love of God.

Operating Principle

1. We serve those who are sick and living in poverty
2. All medical care (hospitalization and outpatient) is free of charge
3. We are operated through benefactors, volunteers, and the support of sisters of the Little Servants of the Holy Family
4. We seek to rehabilitate the whole person socially, psychologically, and physically.

We serve Those defined by law to be under the poverty line, the homeless, foreign workers
We provide
medical care
Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Opthalmology (eye), Dentistry, Ear Nose and Throat, etc
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We are open Tues – Sat 9:00 to 16:30
(closed on Sunday, Mondays, and National Holidays)
Phone calls may be received on Tues~Sat 8:30 – 17:00 (Closed Sundays and Mondays)

Food Kitchen

We provide a free warm lunch twice a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays) for the homeless and senior citizens living alone since April of 1998.
(Currently we have suspended our free lunch program due to Covid19; we provide bread and milk everyday instead)

Little Servants of the holy Family

(聖家小婢女會, 성가소비녀회)

“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.“

Foundation of the Little Servants of the Holy Family

The Little Servants of the Holy Family was founded on Dec 25th of 1943 by a member the Foreign Missionary of Paris, Father Pierre Singer (1910-1992), becoming the first local Catholic order in Seoul.
At the time of foundation, Korea was deeply under the influence of the Second Great War; Father Singer witnessed numerous orphans, injured soldiers, and the elderly with whom nobody to provide care. Father Singer established the order to give care to the poor. Members of the Little Servants of the Holy Family are dispatched to the poor, and we perform the mission of our Lord through compassion.

Founder of the Little Servants of the Holy Family
(pierre Singer,1910-1992)

Born : Sept 13th, 1910
Entered the Foreign Missionary of Paris in 1928
Ordained as priest on July 7th, 1935
Dispatched to Korea on July 7th, 1935
Foundation of the Little Servants of the Holy Family: Dec. 25th, 1943

Father Singer lived as a follower of Jesus our Lord, giving love to those who are poor and in need. Father Singer passed away on the 26th of Feb. 1992; we at the Holy Family Welfare Hospital follow his spiritual journey to give ourselves wholly to those we seek to serve.

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